Entrance Hall Cornice 125mm Drop

Entrance Hall Cornice 125mm Drop

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Product Code: London Hallway Cornice *Supplied in 2 metre lengths
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Product Description

Supplied and ordered in 2 metre lengths , this stunning original cornice measures 200mm in projection onto the ceiling and 125mm down the wall, creating an inviting entrance to your property.

Handcrafted by skilled artisans using traditional fibrous plaster techniques, this cornice is supplied in convenient 2 metre lengths, making installation straightforward.

The intricate design and high-quality materials ensure a lasting and impressive finish.

To further enhance the cornice, small petal/flowers or just blocks can be added to the cornice. Each block measures 75mm wide, with a 105mm projection and 55mm depth. Blocks & Flower

These decorative elements are available separately in-store, allowing you to customise the look of your entrance hall.

For optimal spacing, we recommend placing the blocks at 200mm centres along the cornice. This creates a balanced look with original Victorian style.

Product Specifications:

  • Full Cornice Dimensions: 200mm ceiling projection x 125mm wall depth
  • Cornice Length: 2 metres
  • Block Dimensions: 75mm wide x 105mm projection x 55mm depth
  • Recommended Block Spacing: 200mm centers
  • Material: Traditional fibrous plaster
  • Handmade
  • Product Code: CC-EHC-200-20-12


  1. Measure and mark the desired position of the cornice on the ceiling and wall.
  2. Cut the cornice to the required length using a sharp fine-toothed saw.
  3. Apply a suitable adhesive to the back of the cornice and press it firmly into place.
  4. If using decorative blocks, measure and mark their positions along the cornice at 200mm centers.
  5. Apply adhesive to the back of each block and press them securely onto the cornice.
  6. Allow the adhesive to dry completely before finishing the installation with filler and paint if desired

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