Explore our diverse selection of Covings.

A wide range of sizes to suit your specific requirements. Our extensive collection ensures that you'll find the perfect cove to complement your interior design and architectural style.

In addition to our standard sizes, we understand that some projects may require a more tailored approach. That's why we offer a bespoke service, where our skilled craftsmen can manufacture cove to match your existing size and style. Whether you need to replace a damaged cove or want to maintain consistency throughout your space, we have the expertise to create a seamless match.

If you can't find the perfect cove in our ready-made selection, please reach out to us. We'll work closely with you to understand your requirements and create a custom solution that suits your requirements.

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Classic step Cove 104mm Drop


Supplied and ordered in 2.8 metre lengths this symmetrical cornice features a 104mm x 104mm profile with a small stepped edge, creating a clean look with sharp, detailed angles.Crafted by skilled artisans, each cornice is hand-made using traditional fibrous plaster techniques, ensuring a high level of quality and durability. The cornices are suppl..


Cove & Torus 110mm Drop


Smart plaster cornice starts with a cove along the ceiling line with a Torus detail through the middle.Measures 110 mm down the wall ,onto the ceiling 122 mm. Standard size moulding to use in standard height ceilings . Supplied in 3 metre lengths Hand cast in fine casting plasterDelivered for your project within 5 working days...


Cove 100 mm x 100 mm


A medium , non standard size cove, taken from a run in-situ 1920's moulding, measures 100mm onto the ceiling and 100mm down the wall. Supplied in 2 Metre legnths Cast in fine Gypsum plaster reinforced with jute hessian and timber laths   Note :Please check our other size coves as we may have a match for your size!..


Cove 115mm


Circa 1920  cove cornice moulding, measures 115mm out onto the ceiling and down the wall 155mm. Supplied in 2Metre lengths Hand cast in plaster with natural fibre reinforcement..


Cove 125 mm x 125 mm


A  plain cove 125mm down the wall and 125mm onto the ceiling,supplied in 2 metre lengths. This is a non standard size cove so could be an ideal match for existing cove profiles that were used extensively during the 1920's and 1930's Cast in plaster...


Cove 150 mm


Supplied in 2 metre lengths, Discover the perfect solution for matching existing cove profiles from the 1920s and 1930s with our plain cove moulding. Measuring 150mm down the wall and 150mm onto the ceiling, this non-standard size cove is designed to seamlessly integrate with the architectural style of the early 20th century.Cast from high-quality ..


Cove 200mm


Superb large 20 cm x 20 cm cove style cornice .May suit a match existing cove on a 20's or 1930's property, or a nice contemporary moulding for a stylish understated look. Projects out onto the ceiling 20 cm and down the wall 20 cm. Supplied in 2 Metre lengths Fully reinforced fibrous plaster Hand made 5 working days on delive..


Cove 50mm


Our Plain Cove Section projects 50mm onto the ceiling and down the wall. Supplied in convenient 2-meter lengths, hand-cast in fine Gypsum casting plaster. Perfect for adding subtle elegance to any space, this cove section measures 50mm out and 50mm down the wall...




A large section of plain cast cove , projects onto the ceiling 160mm and down the wall 160mm. Ideal for matching into 1930s original cove. Supplied in 2Metre lengths Cast in real fibrous plaster. Nice and straightforward to install  ..


Curzon 90mm


Cove  cornice with added detail along wall and ceiling line Sizes - 90 mm onto the ceiling and 90 mm down the wall.We hold large stocks of this particular cornice ,so are able to deliver high volumes at very short notice.Good cornice,easy to install.For high volumes of this moulding we offer trade rates. Supplied in three metre length..


Deep Cove 125mm Drop


A very deep cove  moulding , and good symmetrical size, projects 125 mm onto the ceiling and down the wall 125 mm Supplied in lengths 3060 mm Hand cast  plaster ,reinforced with jute scrim and timber lathes traditional fibrous plaster. Adhesive sold in accessories category..


Deep cove with etched egg and dart 165mmx148mm


Large curve style moulding with a very light etching of egg and dart pattern along the wall  section of the cornice. Measures  out onto the ceiling 165 mm and comes down the wall 148 mm Supplied in 3040 mm lengths Hand Cast in traditional plaster of Paris  ..


Grand Cove 225mm Drop


Large cove cornice ,with moulded wall and ceiling details.Sizes - 175 mm out onto the ceiling and 225 mm down the wall Classic style moulding Supplied in 2 Metre lengths Hand cast in fine casting plaster Supplied within 5 working days ...


Large Deco Cove 130mm Drop


Smart , stylish , stepped run deco style cornice projects out onto the ceiling 210mm and down the wall 130mm. Supplied in 3metre lengths cast in high quality fibrous plaster    ..


Stepped Cove 200mm Drop


A lovely stepped cove measures 200mm out onto the ceiling and 200mm down the wall. Good proportion cove for ceilings over 2.5Metres. Supplied in 2 Metre lengths. Hand made in Plaster of Paris. Fully reinforced ...

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