Decorative Ceiling Roses

Whether you're looking for intricate floral designs or classic patterns, we've got decorative ceiling roses & Contoured Ceiling Roses handcrafted with care that will instantly look amazing, some of our designs have been restored from originals, so we have a centrepiece for all styles.

At Plaster Mouldings Direct, quality and craftsmanship are what we're all about. Our decorative ceiling roses are made from traditional materials with timbers integral for fixing points.

Upgrade your ceilings with our decorative roses. Renovating an older property or refreshing a modern space - our versatile collection has options that will complement your style.

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Featherstone rose 715mm diameter


French Waterleaf Plaster Ceiling Rose 715mm DiameterInspire breathtaking decorative schemes from Parisian chic to neoclassical grace with this stunning 715mm diameter ceiling rose. Handcrafted from the finest fibrous plaster, every detail exudes elegance and artistry.The centerpiece is an exquisite waterleaf design, its finely sculpted leaves and f..


Acanthus Ceiling Rose 610 mm


Restored Acanthus Ceiling RoseImmerse your home in classic elegance with this exquisite restored Acanthus Ceiling Rose, a testament to timeless craftsmanship.This remarkable piece has been meticulously re-moulded to regain its former glory. The centerpiece features four evenly spaced Acanthus motifs, gracefully intertwined with artfully arranged le..


Albermarle 480mm Diameter


A decorative edge and leaf detail form the outer part of this ceiling rose, the main central area being plain in design, plenty of area for a larger fitting for the light. 480mm Diameter Cast in fine plaster of Paris..


Arbury Centrepiece ceiling Rose 925mm Diameter


Grand 1300mm diameter ceiling rose, a true showstopperIntricate acanthus leaves and floral motifs gorgeously renderedHandcrafted by artisans from fine fibrous plasterCircling foliate designs punctuated with rosette accentsCreates a majestic focal point, crowning space with splendorFor transport, securely mounted on a sturdy timber frameA mesmerizin..


Argyll Centrepiece 800 mm Diameter


Introduce a touch of opulence and grandeur to your interior with the Argyll: Grandeur Shell Burst Ceiling Rose, an 800mm diameter masterpiece that will elevate any space to new heights of elegance. This exquisite ceiling rose features a stunning, intricate design that showcases the beauty and intricacy of nature-inspired elements.The outer edge of ..


Audley Centrepiece-1050 mm diameter


 The Audley centrepiece is a bespoke, handcrafted plaster decorative piece. It features a floral design, with 36 individual hand-cast leaf details that have been skillfully affixed to the main body, creating a visually striking, dimensional rose motif.The use of hand-cast leaf elements adds depth and texture to the overall design. The careful ..


Buckingham Ceiling Rose


 A 225 mm diameter ceiling centre rose,simplistic  but effective in design.  An original London Design used in a wing of Buckingham Palace as part of a decorative ceiling. Free fixing advice given, adhesive sold separateley..


Burlington 400mm Diameter


The Burlington measures 400 mm Diameter .Distinctive bold decoration, particularly the outer edge which has a nice reeded design. Hand Cast in fine plaster of Paris Reinforced with sisal / jute hessian..


Cadogan & Extended Detail 1390mm


Beautiful centrepiece,  with fine detailing  to the outer edge .Measures 1390 mm from tip to tip of decoration .The main centre rose is 750 mm in diameter ,and cast in fibrous plaster . The outer details are eight separate pieces .All hand made ...


Cadogan 750mm Diameter


A 750mm diameter ceiling centrepiece with nice embelished detail ,this centrepiece is quite large in circumfrunce but is only 25mm in thickness. Cast in fine grade Gypsum plaster , the centrepiece will be delivered  fixed onto a small timber frame for support,this can easily be removed with a handsaw,before installation. Adhsive sold s..


Carlyle Centrepiece 345mm Diameter


A 345mm diameter centrepiece,unusual design,with nicely depicted detail,from one of our very anceint moulds, so quite rare. ( you will not find another like this! ) Can be cast without the main central petal...


Carlyle Rose 150mm Diameter


150mm in Diameter A  very attractive little ceiling rose ,or  other decorative applications. Nice crisp,clean detailng Hand Cast in fine Gypsum plaster  ..


Cathcart Victorian Rose 625mm


Victorian Centrepiece with Unique Vented BackUnveil the splendour of the Victorian era with this captivating centrepiece, meticulously cleaned, restored, and re-moulded in our workshops to regain its pristine beauty. This exceptional piece boasts a remarkable vented back, an unusual feature that adds to its intrigue and charm. The main portion..


Ceiling dome


A unique & decorative ceiling dome measures 460 mm diameter x 180 mm deep.Set in the amazing reception room.Hand cast using traditional fibrous plaster technique...


Chartwell Rose


Large ceiling rose with some super leaf & motif  detailing .Measures 710 mm in diameter .Hand made  in traditional fibrous plaster ..

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