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19th Century Plaque


Amazing large Oval plaster Plaque with very fine detailing .From a set of two depicting the seasons.Hand cast in fine plaster of Paris Measures -660 mm wide x 870 mm high ..


Baroque Corner Detail


Detailed corner piece ,for use in creating decorative panelling. Measures 170mm across from tip of leafs. Hand cast in finest fibrous plaster ...




Amazing   decorative  panel .Measures 900 mm in length x 735 mm at the widest point . We are able to adapt this item to suit your specific requirements ,  as a mirror or picture frame or inscribed with a personal message .We currently have 20 of these and they are also available for sale or  dry Hire for photography shoots ..


Ceiling dome


Unique plaster ceiling dome measures 460 mm diameter x 180 mm deep.Set in an amazing reception area.Hand cast using traditional fibrous plaster technique...


Central Detailed Face


520 mm in length  and 260 mm at  the widest point.A sculptured keystone can be used for a variety of applications. Hand cast in  plaster or acrylic cement for external use ...


Centre crest


Small decorative crest/ motif.  Hand made  in fine plaster Size........190 mm height x 190 mm overall width..


Centre Detail


Decorative , sharp detailed piece ,and very fine in relief. Measures 225mm across at the widest point ,the depth/ height is 155mm . Hand made in specialist  casting resin . Can be painted in any finish ,lightweight but very durable . This material has also been pressure tested for wrapping /vacuming in foil materials.  ..


Cherubs 1075mm Long


Specialist item, this wonderful pair of Cherubs measure 1075mm in length and 300mm in height. Trailing down to very fine detail feathers, where they measure just 15mm in thickness.Fine wires and sisal strands are used in manufacture for strength and reinforcement of the delicate detail.Beautiful original details.  ..


Cherubs overdoor /pediment


  Amazing cherub overdoor-pediment detail ..can be modified for use in any application of choice 400mm high 1500mm long    Double click the image to see the beautiful detail.     Price on application for this particular item...


Corinthian Capital


Nice decorative capital for a pilaster, would suit either plain or fluted pilaster, very nice deep undercut detailing. Measures 170mm in hieght x140mm at the base x35mm deep Cast in superfine grade casting plaster sold in pairs..


Curling Petal


108mm Diameter . Tudor style rose with bold detailing . Cast in fine casting plaster..


Curve Fronted Niche


A plaster niche with fluted side panels and a decorative top section , this niche comes also with a curved front shelf or flat front as shown in main image.  Measures 855mm long x580mm wide the depth of opening required is 130mm .Once fitted the depth from the back of the niche to the front of the shelf is 235mm. All niches can be tai..


Decorative ceiling Detailing


A large decorative ceiling panel with some very fine detailing to the outer edge.  Main oval centre measures 745 mm long and 440 mm wide The overall Size of the completed piece is 1100 mm Wide x 1390 long The main centre is cast in plaster of Paris The outer details are eight separate pieces cast in resin .All handmade ...


Decorative Centre Detail


A centre crest or decoration can be used in a variety of applications,measures 93cm long x 21cm high ( about 1.5cm thickness). Cast in hard grade plaster or tough polyester for lasting durability. This casting is manufactured in three separate pieces ,the left and right handed scrolls and the centre motiff...


Decorative Overdoor


Superb original  Late Victorian / Early Edwardian decorative  pediment.Price listed is for casts in Fibrous plaster although we are able to offer this in a wide range of finishes for internal or external use.Measures - ..

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