Straight Run Cornice

Enhance your interior with our impressive selection of classic straight run cornices, offering a wide array of styles, sizes, and designs to suit any decor. With over 30 distinct options available, our collection caters to both traditional and modern styles ensuring that you'll find the perfect cornice to elevate your space.

Our straight run cornices are meticulously crafted from high-quality plaster, providing durability and a smooth, flawless finish. Whether you're looking for an ornate, intricately detailed design or a sleek, understated profile, our range has something to offer. From bold and dramatic to subtle and refined, these cornices add a touch of architectural interest and character to any room.

The versatility of our straight run cornices makes them suitable for various applications, including living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and more. They effortlessly blend with different architectural styles, from period homes to contemporary spaces, allowing you to create a cohesive and polished look throughout your property.

With a variety of sizes available, our classic straight run cornices can accommodate rooms with different ceiling heights and proportions. Whether you have a grand, expansive space or a more intimate, cozy room, you'll find a cornice that fits seamlessly and enhances the overall aesthetic.

Installation is a breeze, as our straight run cornices are designed for easy fitting using standard coving adhesives and techniques. Transform your space with minimal effort and enjoy the timeless beauty and elegance that these classic cornices bring to your home.

Explore our extensive collection of over 30 classic straight run cornices and discover the perfect design.

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Angular Light Trough


Supplied and ordered in 2.5 metre lengths.Illuminate your space with our versatile angular lighting trough, perfect for creating a stunning lighting feature or adding a distinctive edging detail to your interior. Measuring 85mm in width and 85mm in height, this trough is designed to accommodate LED lighting strips easily.Cast in superfine plaster ..


Berwick Cornice 110mm Drop


Stylish ceiling cornice with sharp lines to the wall and ceiling .Measures 260 mm out onto  the ceiling and down the wall 110 mmSupplied in 2.8 metre lengthsHand cast in fine plaster of Paris delivered within five working days...


Brompton 150 mm x 150 mm


A superb medium size  Georgian style classic run cornice.Measures 150 mm out onto the ceiling and down the wall  150 mm.Supplied in 2.5 Metre lengths.Hand cast in genuine fibrous plaster with full reinforcements ..


Cheltenham Victorian 105mm Drop


Introducing our stunning Cheltenham cornice, designed to add a touch of sophistication and craftsmanship to your interior space. This  cornice is priced and ordered in convenient 3-metre lengths, making it easy to plan and install in your home or commercial property.With a projection of 120mm on the ceiling and 105mm on the wall, this cornice ..


Classic Straight Run


Classic straight run cornice measures  80 mm out onto the ceiling and 110 mm down the wall .Nice sharp lines give this moulding great definition.Supplied in lengths of 3 metres.Hand cast in real fibrous plaster .Can be adapted to carry LED strip lights or fixed below the ceiling line to create shadow gap...


Cleveland 80mm


Measures 80 mm out onto the ceiling and 80 mm down the wall .Straight  linear ceiling cornice , sharp lines and a modern look. Supplied in 3 metre lengths Cast in fine gypsum plaster of Paris Reinforced with jute hessian and timber lathsAll hand cast  delivered within five working days. ..


Colherne 295mm Drop


A superb large Georgian style classic run cornice. Measures 230mm out onto the ceiling and down the wall 295mm. Supplied in 3Metre lengths. Hand cast in plaster with full reinforcements   ..


Convex Cornice 50mm


Neat little cornice moulding with sharp edges ,measures 50mm onto the ceiling and 50mm down the wall. Excellent for low ceiling areas , a litlle classic. Supplied in 3 Metre lengths  Hand made  with fine casting plaster. ...


Cove & Torus 110mm Drop


Smart plaster cornice starts with a cove along the ceiling line with a Torus detail through the middle.Measures 110 mm down the wall ,onto the ceiling 122 mm. Standard size moulding to use in standard height ceilings . Supplied in 3 metre lengths Hand cast in fine casting plasterDelivered for your project within 5 working days...


Cumberland 165mm Drop


A large plain run style cornice nice and sharp in detail  measures 155mm out onto the ceiling and comes down the wall 165mm. Supplied in 3040 Metre lengths Cast in traditional plaster of paris with hessian reinforcement and timber lathes  ..


Curzon 90mm


Cove  cornice with added detail along wall and ceiling line Sizes - 90 mm onto the ceiling and 90 mm down the wall.We hold large stocks of this particular cornice ,so are able to deliver high volumes at very short notice.Good cornice,easy to install.For high volumes of this moulding we offer trade rates. Supplied in three metre length..


Deep Cove 125mm Drop


A very deep cove  moulding , and good symmetrical size, projects 125 mm onto the ceiling and down the wall 125 mm Supplied in lengths 3060 mm Hand cast  plaster ,reinforced with jute scrim and timber lathes traditional fibrous plaster. Adhesive sold in accessories category..


Double step cornice 90 mm x 45 mm


Stepped cornice with sharp angles projects 90mm onto the ceiling and down the wall 45 mm. Ideal for lower ceiling heights . Supplied in 3Metre lengths Handmade plaster cornice with full timber lath reinforcement.    ..


Eton 65mm Drop


Projects onto the ceiling 65mm and comes down the wall 65mm a nice little cornice ,ideal for low ceiling areas ,basements etc Free fixing advice given, a very easy liitle moulding to install. supplied in 3metre lengths Adhesive sold separateley..


Flat Margin Step 25mm Drop


A double step moulding , projecting 163mm onto the ceiling  and  25mm down the wall,very stylish and sharp lines makes this moulding very popular. Classic stepped margin cornice Supplied in 3metre lengths Cast inh fully reinforced fibrous plaster Free fixing advice,adhesive sold separately..

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