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Cherub Bracket


Decorative face bracket with Triglyph detail , measures 310m in length  130mm wide and 125mm deep Cast in either plaster or lightweight stone for exterior use. Only sold in pairs Adhesive sold separately..


Cherubs 1075mm Long


Specialist item, this wonderful pair of Cherubs measure 1075mm in length and 300mm in height. Trailing down to very fine detail feathers, where they measure just 15mm in thickness.Fine wires and sisal strands are used in manufacture for strength and reinforcement of the delicate detail.Beautiful original details.  ..


Decorative Panel


Decorative slip panel or wall mounted decorative piece , with very well defined detail.The original pattern is from an old decorative wall panel.Can be cast in a range of textures and finishes. Measures 585 mm long x 185 mm wide  Hand cast in plaster of Paris...


Happy Cherub


Happy  cherub. Cast in hard grade plaster ,70mm wide.Used for table decoration weddings etc place setting ...

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