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We take great pride in our commitment to using only the best natural materials in our manufacturing process. Our cornices are made from premium-grade plaster, which is renowned for its durability and ability to capture fine details. This ensures that your cornice will not only look stunning but also stand the test of time, maintaining its beauty for years to come.

As a UK-based company, we are dedicated to supporting local craftsmanship and industry. All of our cornices are proudly manufactured right here in the United Kingdom by a team of highly skilled craftsmen. With years of experience and a passion for their trade, our artisans pour their expertise and creativity into every piece they create. By choosing our decorative cornices, you are not only investing in exceptional quality but also supporting the rich heritage of British craftsmanship.

Transform your room into a space of elegance and refinement with our handcrafted decorative cornices. Whether you are renovating your home, adding a touch of character to a new build, or simply looking to enhance your existing décor, our range of cornices offers the perfect solution. Experience the difference that premium, handcrafted cornices can make in your interior design.

Explore our collection today and discover the perfect decorative cornice to elevate your space. With our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction.

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Acanthus & Snowdrop cornice 123mm Drop


Our cornice is priced and ordered in 2.8 Metre lengths With a ceiling projection of 85mm and a wall depth of 123mm, this cornice creates a substantial and impressive visual impact. The proportions are well-balanced.Crafted from superfine plaster and reinforced with hessian and timber laths, this cornice showcases the finest traditional fibrous..


Acorn & Oak leaf Cornice 220mm Drop


Our cornice is priced and ordered in 2.8 Metre lengths This large plaster cornice features an original design of acorns and oak leaves with lovely depth to the sculpted oak leaves. The cornice projects 85mm onto the ceiling and extends 220mm down the wall, creating a bold and substantial architectural statement.Crafted by skilled artisans, eac..


Adam Frieze 160mm


Supplied and ordered in 2.5 metre lengths .Superb original wall frieze neo-classical in design. Measuring 160mm in width and 15mm in thickness, this frieze is the perfect addition to an existing cornice, or as a separate detailed moulding Each frieze is hand-cast by skilled artisans using superfine gypsum plaster, ensuring the highest level of de..


Adam Leaf 85mm Drop


A sharp  leaf design   cornice  measures 85 mm down the wall  35 mm onto the ceiling .Ideal for low level ceiling areas  Supplied in 2.4 Metre lengths Cast in Plaster of Paris  Individually hand made ..


Anthemion Cornice


Striking ornament on this quality period  plaster cornice . Measures 160 mm down the wall and 130 mm out onto the ceiling., the cornice starts on the ceiling with a ribbed moulded  section that  curves inwards .The main Anthemion details  are inlaid , along the wall section runs a bead and reel detail . Supplied in 2.5 metre..


Art Deco moulding


Art deco moulding measures 188mm wide  and 20mm deep.  This moulding is very plain in style and is made up of repeating separate concave sections . Supplied in 2.8metre lengths Cast in fine Gypsum plaster..


Bankart Grapevine


A softly detailed grapevine cornice can be reversed for the detail to either run on the ceiling or as awall friezze. Measures 65mm out onto the ceiling and down the wall 140mm (reverse these sizes for alternate install) Casts come in 2.8metre lengths Hand Made & finished in  plaster of Paris Adhesive sold separately..


Belvedere Cornice 80mm Drop


Highly  decorative ceiling cornice .Three areas of decoration with beautiful separate leaf detailing along the wall line of this superb moulding. Measures out onto the ceiling 185 mm and down the wall 80 mm Supplied in 3 metre lengths Cast in fine plaster of ParisAll hand made.Delivered within five working days from placing your order..


Berkshire Modillion 180mm Drop


Large Modillion block, classic style cornice with egg and dart wall detailing.Measures 195 mm onto the ceiling and down the wall 180 mm. Supplied in 2550mm  metre lengths Hand made in fine-casting plaster..


Carlton Cornice 150mm


Enriched ceiling cornice, featuring equally spaced, highly decorative modillion blocks that add depth, dimension, and a touch of classical elegance to any room. This stunning cornice is perfect for those seeking to create a sophisticated and luxurious atmosphere in their home or commercial space.Between each modillion block, you'll find a beautiful..


Classic Run Modillion 125mm Drop


Classic block style cornice 125 mm down the wall 115 mm onto the ceiling.  Cast in the finest  fibrous plaster . Supplied in 2.8 metre lengths A UK hand made product ..


Connaught 135mm Drop


Late Regency  high quality detailed  style ceiling cornice. Reed  lines through the ceiling part of this cornice with a leaf &fine vine woven through the fine reeds. Along the wall line a series of separate leaf details. Projects onto the ceiling 290 mm and down the wall 137 mm. Hand cast in traditional Fibrous Pl..


Decorated Modillion 130mm


Very decorative style moulding with prominent beads along the ceiling line of this cornice ,the blocks are decorated with three small flutes in the front and a leaf on the underside,the egg and dart detail runs along the wall line. This cornice is hand made and supplied in 2.4M long lengths. A specialist cornice that requires a confident in..


Elgin Vine Cornice 135mm Drop


A large decorative cornice with a winding vine set through the ceiling section of this moulding . Measures 270 mm onto the ceiling , with a wall depth of 135 mm . Supplied in 2.5 Metre lengths. Individually hand made in plaster of Paris with full reinforcements..


Enriched Block Cornice 255mm Drop


Superb Large Enriched Modillion block cornice Measures 255 mm down the wall and 245 mm out onto the ceiling. A stunning decorative cornice with layers of decoration traditionally created  Fully reinforced with jute hessian scrim and timber  laths.Specialist fitting advice given. Supplied in 2.4 metre lengths Skillfully  mad..

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