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Discover the refined charm of classic London architecture with our London Collection. Inspired by the enduring styles of Regency, Victorian, and Edwardian design, our team handcrafts ornate plaster mouldings that capture the essence of London's historic beauty.

From cornices and coving to sculpted acanthus leaves and scrolling vines, each piece in our collection reflects a commitment to preserving traditional craftsmanship. With over 30 years of restoration experience, we've curated authentic period details to create a range that embodies the sophistication of London's beloved architectural styles.

Our personalised finishing process ensures seamless integration into your space, whether you're restoring a heritage building or adding classic character to modern interiors. We take pride in bridging the gap between old and new, creating a harmonious blend of traditional charm and contemporary functionality.

Embrace London's architectural legacy with our premium line of mouldings. Explore our collection today to enhance your property with timeless London style .

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Acorn & Oak leaf Cornice 220mm Drop


Large plaster cornice projects out onto the ceiling 85 mm and down the wall 220 mm.Original design of Acorns and Oak leafs in repeat. Supplied in 2.8 Metre lengths Hand cast in Fine Plaster of Paris Reinforced with Jute scrim and timber lathes...


Artesian 180mmx104mm price per 3 metre length


Great  Victorian original cornice re-moulded in our workshops to give this classic ,sharp crisp lines.Looks great in re-furbished period homes .  Projects out on the ceiling 180 mm and down the wall 104 mm. Supplied in 3 metre lengths.A hand made product in genuine fibrous plaster .Installed into an award winning property in South Wes..


Britania Cornice 85mm Drop


Cast from an authentic 19th century pattern. Substantial Victorian cornice, 210mm ceiling projection, 85mm wall depth. Expertly handcrafted from fine plaster. Bold lines give this mould a real originality. Sold in 2.8m lengths, priced per meter...


Brunswick 120mm Drop


Lovely  large  plaster cornice projects onto the ceiling 255 mm and down  the wall 120 mm. Cast in fine casting plaster of Paris Fully reinforced with timber laths and jute scrim Price per 2 metre Supplied in 2.9 Metre lengthsHand made traditional quality fibrous plaster..


Brunswick Large 175mm Drop


A very large Victorian run cornice,with a deep cove and  detailed lines that make up this classic big cornice. Measures  onto the ceiling 325 mm and down the wall 175 mm. Superb when installed, if your looking for a large cornice moulding then please request a sample of this fantastic moulding. Cast in Gypsum plaster of Paris .rein..


Bulkley 90mm Drop


A new addition to this range of Victorian mouldings  is the Bulkley cornice . Measures 200 mm out onto the ceiling and 90 mm down the wall, ideal for rooms where windows have full height . The cornice sits flat onto the ceiling with some plain sharp lines then scoops into some deep-cut detail onto the wall with a finished "bull nose" onto ..


Cavendish Cornice 95mm Drop


Measures  onto the ceiling 185 mm and 95 mm down the wall.Straight run  with  separate contours  and lines, this pattern was taken from an original  cornice and re-moulded to replicate an authentic period look . Cast in fine gypsum plaster ,reinforced with jute scrim. Supplied in 3metre lengths. A..


Cheltenham Victorian 105mm Drop


Elegant contoured design projects 120mm on ceiling, 105mm on wall. Detailed lines and deep cove add depth and craftsmanship. Suitable for 8-10ft ceilings. Sold in 2.8m lengths, priced per meter. Handmade from fine plaster. Contours create light/shadow contrast and style. Adhesive sold separately, free install advice...


Cheyne Victorian 125mm Drop


 The Cheyne  projects onto the ceiling 175 mm and down the wall 125 mm. Good deep lines along the ceiling detailing ,the moulding then sweeps into a nice curve and finishes onto the wall with an astragal style moulding.  Originally taken from a period property and added to our range.Nice deep details .almost impossible to re..


Connaught 135mm Drop


Late Regency  high quality detailed  style ceiling cornice. Reed  lines through the ceiling part of this cornice with a leaf &fine vine woven through the fine reeds. Along the wall line a series of separate leaf details. Projects onto the ceiling 290 mm and down the wall 137 mm. Hand cast in traditional Fibrous Pl..


Deep Cove 125mm Drop


A very deep cove  moulding , and good symmetrical size, projects 125 mm onto the ceiling and down the wall 125 mm Supplied in lengths 3060 mm Hand cast  plaster ,reinforced with jute scrim and timber lathes traditional fibrous plaster. Adhesive sold in accessories category..


Elgin Vine Cornice 135mm Drop


A large decorative cornice with a winding vine set through the ceiling section of this moulding . Measures 270 mm onto the ceiling , with a wall depth of 135 mm . Supplied in 2.5 Metre lengths. Individually hand made in plaster of Paris with full reinforcements..


Ellborough 130mm Drop


Large ceiling cornice comes down the wall 130mm and projects out onto the ceiling 190mm. A superb large Victorian Ceiling Cornice Supplied in 3 Metre legnths Manufactured  with fine casting plaster ,fully reinforced fibrous plaster..


Entrance Hall Block & Flower


Decorative  Modillion blocks and decorative flower are used to decorate hallway cornices. These are the items required for the entrance hall cornice.Spaced at approximately  300 mm centres  These blocks were taken from an original London cornice moulding and  retain that aged early Victorian authenticity.Hand made in finest ..


Entrance Hall Cornice 125mm Drop


Entrance hall cornice for decorative blocks  or flower decoration  The full cornice measures 200 mm out onto the ceiling 125 mm down the wall . the cornice is supplied in 2 Metre lengths.The small petal/flowers and blocks are additional  to this cornice moulding  and are available separately  in store . Each block measure..

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