Cornice & Cove

  • We can match any existing  plaster moulding
  • Hand cast in  genuine fibrous plaster
  • Our prices  are per 3 Metre length unless otherwise state

  • £34.99
    Hanover Cornice 100 mmx100 mm

    Sharp classic  moulded  cornice , good  lines  and a nice curved central cu.....

    112mmx 90mm Stepped Cornice

    A square style  stepped moulding with very sharp lines ,projects 112mm  onto the c.....

    120mm x 105mm Cheltnam plain ( Victorian)

    A plain contoured moulding projects 120 mm onto the ceiling and down the wall 105 mm .Detailed li.....

    120mm x 130mm Rainville

    Stylish , classic plain run cornice  Measures 120 mm out onto the ceiling 130 mm down t.....

    132 mmx 30mm Stepped Margin

    A flat four stepped margin moulding .Measures 132 mm wide x 30 mm in thickness . We can also .....

    135mmx 65mm Marlow

    Rounded   contours on this  original Victorian plaster cornice. As with all of o.....

    140 mmx 140 mm Beaufort Dentil Block

    Shallow dentil blocks  on this cornice , a smart ,clean  moulding based on a real class.....

    145x180 Bradstone cove

    Large plain cove ,creates a subtle  curve to between wall and ceiling ,we have many siz.....

    150mm x 80mm Victorian Terrace

      This is a superb example of an original Victorian plaster cornice. Perfect where.....

    150mmx 85mm Victorian Run Price per 3 metre

    Victorian run cornice projects out onto the ceiling 150mm and down the wall 85mm. A very smart li.....

    153 mm x 104 mm OG with deep cove Price per 3metre

       A  Victorian  Style cornice ,projects onto the ceiling 153 mm and down.....

    163mm x 25 mm Flat margin step

    A double step moulding , projecting 163mm onto the ceiling  and  25.....

    185mm x 95mm Cavendish

    Measures  onto the ceiling 185 mm and 95 mm down the wall.Straight run  with  separat.....

    200mmx105mm Large Victorian Run

    Lovely big proportioned late  Victorian  cornice  bulky ceiling  li.....

    230mmx120mm Victorian with Ceiling detail

    A   plain traditional style cornice ,with  a small band of decoration running through.....

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