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Versatile fireplace supplied in six separate pieces, the two main uprights ,two corbels one plain cross section and mantle. The two main uprights measure  The fireplace has a maximum height Hand cast in quality fibrous plaster Plaster is 100% non combustible material Can be painted in any finish...




Lovely design moder fireplace ..


Imperial Fireplace


A detailed  linear cast fireplace , in hard grade plaster . Lots of  architectural lines makes this fireplace an interesting great focal point.100% non combustible so suitable for all types of fireplace. Supplied in one piece. Outside Sizes Overall width ............        1190 mm height ...............


Regent Fireplace


Decorative plaster fireplace ,can be painted or finished in most finishes , 100% no combustible material. Height: 1200 mmOpening dimensions:Height: 945 mmWidth: 755 mmMantel length: 1235 mmMantel depth: 170 mmThe surround is made from a special hard grade plaster and is cast as one piece. It is offered at a great price.The key dimensions inclu..

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