Look at our huge selection of corbels - they're the perfect way to add some serious style to any space, inside or out.

We've got corbels in all kinds of designs and styles from classic and traditional to sleek and modern. No matter what vibe you're going for, we've got a corbel that'll fit right in.

At Plaster Mouldings Direct, we don't mess around when it comes to quality. Our corbels are made by skilled craftspeople who know their stuff. They use top-notch materials to create corbels that don't just look amazing - they're built to last, too.

So why settle for boring walls and plain old ceilings? Give your space a major upgrade with our corbels. They're an easy way to add some instant charm and character to your home or business.

Ready to get started? Shop our corbels collection now and see the difference for yourself. Trust us, you won't be disappointed - our corbels are the real deal when it comes to quality and style.

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Cherub Bracket


Decorative face bracket with Triglyph detail , measures 310m in length  130mm wide and 125mm deep Cast in either plaster or lightweight stone for exterior use. Only sold in pairs Adhesive sold separately..


Contoured Support Bracket


Small swan neck  detail used as decorative supports  Measures 93 mm long x 68 mm deep x 90 mm wide. Hand cast in fine plaster or lightweight exterior cement ( price advertised is for plaster product) Sold in pairs  ..


Corbel 1


A  wide  corbel with  good detailing . Measures 325 mm wide x 280 mm long  and just 100 mm deep. Cast in superfine Gypsum plaster. Fully reinforced Hand Crafted Adhesive sold separately..


Corbel 11


Classic  corbel  measures 320 mm long x 128 mm wide x 115 mm deep. Cast in fine Gypsum plaster ........can be cast in our specially blended lightweight cement for exterior use, if required.A hand made genuine fibrous plaster original . Sold in pairs. Adhesive sold separately  ..


Corbel 14


Lovely deep detailing on this classic original  Victorian corbel . Measures 360 mm long x 164 mm wide x 140 mm deep  Supplied in pairs only  Hand Cast in High grade Plaster of Paris..


Corbel 15


Large plaster corbel with great  detailing - Measures 725 mm long x 220 mm wide x 180 mm deep. Shown in picture supporting a large over mantel .Hand cast in fine plaster of Paris  Sold in pairs   ..


Corbel 16


A large square style corbel measures 250mm wide x180mm longx 280mm deep . very nicely decorated with a large Acanthus leaf filling up the front of this quite rare size & style of corbel. Cast in fine Plaster of Paris and reinforced with fibrous material Sold in pairs Packaged in bubble wrap!..


Corbel 17


Italianate Style,Very decorative, beautiful corbel Measures 555 mm long x 90 mm wide X 55 mm deep Cast in superfine casting plaster Sold in pairs..


Corbel 18 190mm wide


Corbel 18  is 190mm wide 380mm long and 90mm deep. Very nice  scrolled front , with lovely finnished details. Would sit nicely under a beam /or boxing , also suitable for exterior use if cast in our special blended cement based material. Sold in pairs..


Corbel 19


Lightly decorated corbel with crisp side detailing.. Measures 240mm in length x 145mm wide x 125mm deep cast in fine white plaster sold in pairs..


Corbel 2


Corbel No 2 measures 250mm in length 135mm wide ,and  80mm deep. Cast in fine gypsum plaster Only sold in pairs Adhesive sold separately..


Corbel 20


Detailed corbel measures 100mm wide at the narrow top part aqnd 175mm at the widest point at the bottom .It has a depyh of 70mm. Cast in fine plaster . Sold in pairs only...


Corbel 21


An  elegant original plaster corbel with good detailing.Measures 410mm in legnth x 110mm wide. Traditionally hand made in fibrous plaster . Can be cast in Exterior material to match most existing or new stone colours...


Corbel 22


Large corbel measures 545 mm long x 280 mm wide x120mm depth  at one end and 200mm the other . A large leaf adorns the front of this corbel with some great depth and deep undercuts ,with equally superb decoration to the sides. An item handmade in plaster at our workshop all fully reinforced with various fixing points. Also availabl..


Corbel 23


Corbel 23 ,a classic style architectural Corbel .Measures 390 mm long x 155 mm deep, the main body of the Corbel is 105 mm wide the top shelf width is 130 mm wide .Hand cast in fine plaster of Paris Also sold in our exterior products category ..

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