Egg & dart and dentil block cornice

  Elevate your interior with our stunning Egg & Dart and Dentil Block Cornice. This intricate plaster moulding features a combination of two classic architectural elements—the egg and dart pattern and the dentil block design—creating a cornice that adds a touch of refinement and visual interest to any room.

The egg and dart motif, characterized by alternating oval shapes and dart-like elements, introduces a sense of rhythm and grace to the cornice. The dentil blocks, resembling small, evenly spaced rectangular teeth, provide a striking geometric contrast. The interplay of these elements results in a harmonious and eye-catching design that enhances the overall aesthetic of your space.

Crafted from high-quality plaster, our Egg & Dart and Dentil Block Cornice is meticulously handmade by skilled artisans who pay close attention to every detail. The plaster material ensures durability and longevity, while also allowing for crisp, well-defined lines and a smooth, flawless finish.

This versatile cornice complements a wide range of architectural styles, from traditional and classical to more contemporary settings. It is perfect for adding a touch of grandeur to living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, or any space that demands a heightened sense of style and refinement.

Our Egg & Dart and Dentil Block Cornice is available in various sizes to suit your specific requirements and can be easily installed using standard coving adhesives and techniques. Whether you're renovating a period property or adding character to a modern home, this cornice is an excellent choice for those seeking to introduce a classic architectural design element to their interior.

Elevate your space with the Egg & Dart and Dentil Block Cornice from Plaster Mouldings Direct and experience the beauty of this timeless design.

Grid View:

Beaufort Dentil Block 140mm


Shallow dentil blocks  on this cornice , a smart ,clean  moulding based on a real classic design. The cornice projects out 140mm onto the ceiling and 140mm down the wall. Supplied in 2.8 metre lengths. Cast in fine gypsum reinforced with hessian and timber lathes. All hand made .  ..


Berkshire Modillion 180mm Drop


Large Modillion block, classic style cornice with egg and dart wall detailing.Measures 195 mm onto the ceiling and down the wall 180 mm. Supplied in 2550mm  metre lengths Hand made in fine-casting plaster..


Carlton Cornice 150mm


Enriched ceiling cornice ,with equally spaced, very decorative modillion blocks .Between the modillion block is the "coffered " area with a delicate little patera detail, this theen steps down to a very nice egg and dart pattern running along the wall line.A really lovely enriched moulding. Size : 150mm onto the ceiling  ,down the wall 150mm. ..


Classic Run Modillion 125mm Drop


Classic block style cornice 125 mm down the wall 115 mm onto the ceiling.  Cast in the finest  fibrous plaster . Supplied in 2.8 metre lengths A UK hand made product ..


Classic Dentil 120mm Drop


The dentil block cornice is a real classic, projects 110mm onto the ceiling and down the wall 120mm . Cast in fine gypsum plaster and reinforced with jute scrim and lathes Supplied in 2.8 metre lengths Adhesive sold separately  ..


Classic Egg & Dart 90mm


Clean and sharp detailing ,a nice egg and dart cornice that projects onto the ceiling 90mm and down the wall 90mm. Supplied in 3metre lengths Cast in fine gypsum plaster and reinforced with jute scrim and timber lathes. Samples available for free delivery...


Collingham Egg & Dart 170mm Drop


A top quality Egg and Dart cornice with a bead and reel detail  .Classic Egg & Dart design The cornice  projects out on the ceiling 120 mm and down the wall 170 mm.   Supplied in 2.5 metre lengths Cast in fine gypsum plaster Hand Cast Order and have delivered within 5 working days!2nd image shows a ce..


Decorated Modillion 130mm


Very decorative style moulding with prominent beads along the ceiling line of this cornice ,the blocks are decorated with three small flutes in the front and a leaf on the underside,the egg and dart detail runs along the wall line. This cornice is hand made and supplied in 2.4M long lengths. A specialist cornice that requires a confident in..


Deep cove with etched egg and dart 165mmx148mm


Large curve style moulding with a very light etching of egg and dart pattern along the wall  section of the cornice. Measures  out onto the ceiling 165 mm and comes down the wall 148 mm Supplied in 3040 mm lengths Hand Cast in traditional plaster of Paris  ..


Egg & Dart


 Large sections of egg and dart detailing on their own , beutifully carved and moulded in plaster , for use in a variety of applications. We can cast these pieces in a range of different materials. used for replacement sections..


Egg & Dart ,Pearl Bead 110mm Drop


A good  egg and dart cornice moulding  with a small pearl bead running through the ceiling line area. Sizes : Onto the ceiling 65 mm down the wall 110 mm  Supplied in 2.5 metre  lengths Hand Cast in fine casting plaster..


Egg & Dart cornice 90mm Drop


70mm onto the ceiling and 90mm down the wall , a very nice cornice with prominent detailing. Supplied in 2.4 metre lengths Cast in fine Gypsum plaster all hand made ..


Egg & Dart Panel


A 60 mm wide panel moulding and 25 mm deep .This crisp egg and dart design moulding is used as either a Dado rail ,or to make up wall or ceiling panels. Supplied in 1.5 metre lengths  Free fixing advice given. Adhesive sold separately..


Egg & Leaf 115mm Drop


Standard Egg and Dart cornice set in a decent plain run section. Projects onto the ceiling 110mm and down the wall 115mm Supplied in 3.1 metre lengths Cast in plaster of Paris..


Egg &Reed with Dentil 192mm Drop


Large Egg and Reed cornice with Dentil blocks, projects onto the ceiling 165 mm and comes down the wall 192 mm . A  substantial cornice that would suit large to medium rooms sizes. Supplied in 2.5 metre lengths  Cast in fine plaster of Paris Reinforced with timber lathsA UK hand made product  Excellent  price moulding for..

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