Decorative Ceiling Roses

Discover our wide selection of beautifully crafted decorative plaster ceiling roses, designed to enhance the elegance of your ceilings.

Find the ideal combination of tradition and beauty in our range of decorative plaster ceiling roses. From intricate florals to classic designs, each rose is crafted with care to elevate the charm of your interiors.

At Plaster Mouldings Direct, we prioritise quality and craftsmanship. Our decorative plaster ceiling roses are made with premium materials for durability and lasting beauty.

Elevate your ceilings with our decorative plaster ceiling roses. Whether you're renovating a historic property or updating a modern space, our versatile collection offers the perfect accent for your style.

Experience timeless elegance with our decorative plaster ceiling roses. Explore our collection today and find the perfect statement piece for your interior design projects.

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Margin Ceiling Rose Band


Both the ceiling rose and this outer band arew original patterns .Lovely  original examples of original plaster decoration.The plaster band measures  100 mm in width Hand made  in fibrous plaster of Paris . Any size manufactured, please ask.Reinforced for fixing ...


Osterley 305mm diameter


305 mm diameter  ceiling rose .Fine detailed Adams fan style rose. Hand Cast in fine plaster of Paris and jute scrim ...


Oval centre boss


 Original Regency oval centre boss .  115 mm  long x 80 mm wide Hand made plaster or resin finish ...


Oval Fan


Oval fan style ceiling rose, with  very nice guilloche details to the outter edge, very flat centre projects down no more than 20mm. Measures 745mm long x440mm wide Cast in fine Gypsum plaster hand cast..


Patera 60mm Diameter


60 mm in diameter , a  small detailed motif for varied use  . Cast in plaster of Paris or resin Hand made A genuine decorative piece...


Pearl Bead & Leaf 380mm dia


Detailed  380mm in diameter ,A ceiling rose with nice pearl beads decorating the outer edge,decorative leaves forming the main area ,then smaller pearl beads in the centre surrounding a central boss. We are able to drill the hole for you cable/flex in the centre or cast out the central boss to allow for your light fitting. Cast in..


Pelham 570mm Diameter


570mm diameter ,with deep enriched detailing., can also be cast wth the main centre plain to house  most size  light fittings. Made using fine gypsum casting plaster Note : the second picture shows the Pelham Rose with an additional plain band ( 700mm dia and sold in-store)  to increase the size...


Philimore 430 mm Diameter


Very detailed and deep undercuts , a beautiful centre piece.Measures 430 mm in diameter Cast in fine Plaster of Paris An Individual hand made ceiling rose ..


Pleated Oval


A rather unique ceiling rose ,a pleated oval with nice pearl beads around the edge,measures 335mm long and 230mm wide . Made with superfine gypsum plaster reinforced with jute hessian...


Portnall Leaf 850mm dia


Individual centrepiece made up of 12 separate cast leaf  pieces and one main centre rose measures 850mm in diameter . This centre piece can be manufactured to suit your requirements & the size can be altered. Please note if you order the rose pictured you will receive the item packaged as separate pieces and each leaf will hav..


Rathbone Centrepiece 985mm dia


Large 985 mm centrepiece , alternate detailing,with a main decorative centre. Cast with superfine Gypsum plaster Reinforced with integral timber laths for fixing to suitable backgrounds Delivered on wood frame for carriageA hand made product..


Redcliffe centrepiece 610mm


Repeating leafs form the design of this centre rose,measuring 610mm in diameter. Crisp detailing  Hand Cast in fine plaster of Paris Reinforced with jute /sisal and laths..


Regent Centrepiece1230mm dia


A large centre rose from an original pattern .Measures 1230mm in diameter . Cast in fibrous plaster and comes secured in the centre with timber sections for fitting . Supplied on a timber frame for carriage...


Rondel Rose 175mm Diameter


175mm diameter centre rose ,extremley sharp detailing.A beautiful little rose.   Cast in superfine gypsum plaster..


Rose design 475mm


A beautiful rose boquet design on this stunning centre piece measures 475mm in diameter  hand cast in fine plaster..

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