Should you require a corbel that requires " Matching" to your existing ,or you have one missing from part of your building ,then this is a service we carry out on an almost constant basis.

We also offer all of our corbels in a range of materials suitable for exterior use or certain stone finnishes for interior /exterior application.

Nash bracket

A  beautiful and unique bracket ,can be used for various applications  eg; uplighter, w.....

neptune style bracket

250mm290mm180mm .....

Pavilion Bracket

A curved fronted bracket with nice fluted detailing .Measures 295 mm long x  125 mm  deep .....

Plain Scotia Bracket 510mm long x 320 wide (maximum)

 Contoured bracket /corbel support with very nice undercut detail giving maximum effect to t.....

Projecting Bracket

Superb leaf style bracket with crisp detailing .Measures 235 mm long x 170 mm wide ,with top shelf d.....

Theatrical style bracket

A decorative corbel /bracket with Lady's face ,of Victorian origin .Measures  290 mm in leng.....

corbel 12

Corbel measures 315mm at the widest point along the top shelf , 145mm deep , and 355mm long . Mos.....

corbel 10

A very large plaster corbel with large detailing and deep Valutes on the two sides. Measures 495 .....

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