Frequently Asked Questions


Q .How long from placing my order until delivery


A. In most cases within 5 working days .


Q. What are your delivery charges .


A. Our flat rate charge is £50 plus vat for delivery in and around the M25 . This cost includes delivery , and unloading of items into your property.


Q. Will you contact me before delivery


A. Yes we will contact you and arrange a time for your delivery.


Q. What if there is any damage to my order


A. We will deliver all items in perfect condition.


Q. Do you deliver anywhere


A. Yes , we offer a specialist delivery service across Europe and the rest of the world , please contact us prior to ordering for this service.


Product Questions


Q. Are your mouldings made entirely of plaster.


A. Yes all of our interior mouldings are hand made in “Fibrous plaster” to order in our Surrey workshops . We also supply exterior mouldings in lightweight cement .



Q.    Are your plaster items fire rated


A.     Yes unlike polystyrene or polyurethane , plaster is a non combustable material.



Q. Can you match my original plaster moulding


A. Yes we have experts who can cast any moulding to match your original , we also have in house sculptors and mould makers who can produce bespoke items.


Installation Questions



Q. Do you carry out installation


A. Yes we have a full installation service available , please contact us and we would be happy to quote for your project.


Q. I am thinking of installing myself , is this easy .


A. Our mouldings can be installed by a competent tradesman , and we are always here to give help and advice.


Q. What adhesive would you recommend .


A. We would recommend our CA120 adhesive used by the trade- highly recommend.

      If you have opted to purchase one of our larger mouldings or ceiling roses we always recommend using screws as a secondary fixing , always use screws for plaster ceiling roses.


Q. Do the mouldings need painting after installation is complete.


A. Once the mouldings are dry we recommend two coats of emulsion paint the first coat with 10% added water as a “ mist coat “ then the  final coat, but any oil based paints can be used .


General Questions


Q. Can I make a payment over the phone


A. Yes,  we have several methods of payment on our website , they include bank transfer, credit /debit card or PayPal.


If there are any other questions you need answering then please call us on 01753 866912 or via email and we will be happy to help .